Our restaurant offers Indonesian, chinese and western dishes. Besides that we offer every day a different specialty

which can be either Indonesian, western, other cuisines or mixed

German Bakery


When I started at the age of 8 baking cakes for family and neighbours I didn’t dream of running a German bakery in the middle of Sumatra . After opening  Tabo Bakery in 1994 with simple recipes I practised and explored the market for fresh wholesome ingredients and finally found imported grains and seeds  and learned to bake exceptional breads, rolls, pastries and cakes using traditional German recipes. I had missed the hearty breads and pastries of my home  and opened Tabo bakery in order to bring you (and me) the best of both worlds.


We are using fine quality imported cereals and oil seeds like malt, wheat, rye, oat, soya, sunflower and linseed as well as locally grown fresh fruits, vanilla, chocolate, coconuts, pumpkins and wheat. We strictly avoid the usage of any chemicals like preservatives, bread”improvers”, food colouring etc. All our baked goods are made fresh by hand and served warm for our morning buffet, menus, special requests and events. We bake our bread in the healthiest and most professional way so that it keeps well for 3 days,


Coffee roastery


Since we live in one of the best coffee growing area in the world I decided to start roasting local beans in 2006. A tiny electric roaster impressed me with amazing results of aromatic coffee that I upgraded and tried different beans from Arabica to Robusta and special blend. After 10 years of experience roasting we have various products to sell in the restaurant and as a souvenir.